2011 Christmas Shopping

This year, we were able to cut back on the number of gifts we gave, which made buying better gifts easier.  I hate for Christmas to be boiled down to trying to figure out what to give to people who  have everything they need and in most cases want.  Bradley and I agreed from the very beginning that we would not exchange Christmas gifts (we exchange birthday and anniversary gifts).  A few years ago, I stopped drawing names at my grandmother’s house.  And this year, we drew names with Bradley’s brothers and agreed to not exchange gifts with his parents.  Four more gift ideas that I don’t have to stress over!  I love giving gifts!  But only when it is because I see something that makes me think of someone, not because it is socially expected.

Now, onto the gifts I actually gave this year! (click on any picture to go to the online store)

To my best friend, a fun plaid infinity scarf:


For my sister-in-law, a vintage painting:


For my brother-in-law, a Roku box:

For Bradley’s sister, the Matrix trilogy:

For my sister, numbered tacks for her storm windows:

For my dad, Season 5 of Simon & Simon:

For my mom, I cleaned up and painted the patio set she bought from Craigslist for her new deck:

I also got new patio cushions for the chairs at Garden Ridge and found a couple of service pieces at Goodwill to go with her glass dishes:


For the two new babies in our families this year, First Christmas Ornaments:

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