29th Birthday

Yesterday began the last year of my twenties!  I have always hated my birthday.  Other ‘Christmas’ babies may be able to relate.  Just around the middle of December is when all the Christmas activities start up.  Family gatherings, work parties, shopping, etc.  Or for some it is the last minute to savor some down time before things blow up.  For that reason, my birthday parties growing up always had to be planned precariously and with the precaution that I shouldn’t be disappointed if my friends couldn’t come due to family commitments.  Also, the type of party a winter baby can have is so limited by the weather – my childhood dreams of pool parties or going to Six Flags were just that – dreams.  The line between my birthday and Christmas always seems to get blurred.  Whether it is the santa birthday cake or the infamous “Oh, this is your birthday AND Christmas gift” (which really means they forgot your birthday until today, but had a Christmas present for you – luckily for them).   I do realize these are first-world problems, so I try to take time to remember how truly blessed I am.  But I also let myself grieve for my birthday, and all the expectations that never become experiences because of it’s timing.

That being said, this year was a good one.  Bradley got me the Silhouette Cameo, and I had lots of sweet facebook wishes, a few special cards in the mail, and a few phone calls that brightened my day.  We celebrated at Pappasitos with 1/2 price fajitas with a couple of friends.  And I did wear the hat while they sang:)  It was a great night and I felt very grateful!

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