New Look

Bradley has spent all morning designing a new site for me!  It is not lost on me how incredibly talented my husband is or how fortunate I am to have someone that can do things like this for me.  I like the simplified look so much better and find the soft colors and patterns easier on the eyes.  Hopefully, it is easy to navigate as well.

And you might have noticed that I am trying out a new blog name.  I think habitual rearranger sums up my inability to settle on things like designs, colors and placements in our home.  I think I frustrate Bradley to no end sometimes moving things around and adding/subtracting items!

As a reminder, this is the first design that Bradley threw together a while back.

I never loved it, even though I loved the elements: green is my favorite color, the chipping sparrow represented my Etsy store name, and the tree background is a picture from our favorite vineyard in Tennessee.  Just goes to show that just because you love something doesn’t mean it works for your blog, or your home for that matter!

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