Helpful Ideas Found via Pinterest

I have found some more useful ideas and websites courtesy of Pinterest.

An easy way to know if something you find while you are out shopping will work in a room of your house is made easier if you take popsicle sticks and dip the ends in your wall paint color.  Clip them together on a metal ring and carry them in your purse for quick reference.

Martha demonstrates a creative way to store jewelry inside a cabinet door.  A small dowel rod and plain s-hooks organize necklaces and bracelets behind the scenes.

Martha’s cute lemonade bottles are available in inexpensive bulk prices at this website.

The bows on these gifts reminded me of the long skinny scarves that I sometimes come across at Goodwill.  Cute idea for future gift-giving!

Speaking of gifts, here is a tutorial for making peppermint lip balm:

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