After I planted the Orange Cream Snake Flowers using the pots I got from Target with Amaryllis bulbs, I just plunked the Amaryllises into a bucket with some dirt for later use if they survived.  Well, they not only survived, two of them bloomed!

I did a little research and it seems that at the end of May I can take them outside to get them acclimated to the weather for a few days and then plant them.  I am thinking of planting them in front of the rock wall on the back yard hill.

The orange creams seem a little sad.  I desperately want to keep them alive, I just don’t know exactly what they like as far as sun exposure and water is concerned.


One thought on “Amaryllis

  1. carol

    Both my girls spent a good portion of their latest blogs on their gardening. I’m such a proud mama. Your plants and your planning are really taking shape. Keep up the good work.


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