Helpful Hostess

I thought I would share a helpful idea I picked up from one of my sister’s wedding showers years ago.  It seems traditional for the hostess to write down the name of each guest and their gift as they are opened for the bride or mom-to-be to reference when writing thank you notes.  At my sister’s shower, the clever hostess had a pre-printed list with the name of each guest, including their address and a blank for writing what gift they gave, which she filled in discreetly throughout the shower.  This method saves the guest of honor a ton of time on the back end, not having to find the addresses all over again for thank you notes.  And how easy is it to go ahead and print a master list when you are sending out the invites for the shower?

Here is an example:

One unfortunate trend I have seen recently is hostesses asking guests to fill out their own thank you card envelopes.  I was always taught that this is very rude.  As a hostess, feel free to go above and beyond for the guest of honor, but asking guests to do the work for the bride or mom-to-be seems pretty tasteless.  Sending thank you notes is still good etiquette and often expected – I would hate to ruin the GOH’s opportunity to be gracious and grateful by offending the guests.

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