Newest Garden Additions

As I was looking through the garden center at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago, I came across a table full of my very favorite flower – Alstroemeria.  My mom put some in her yard years ago for me (before they were even available at stores), and I have plans to get some sprouts from her as well, but I just couldn’t resist going ahead with one from HD in the meantime.  I chose a purple bloom, because I already have a lot of purple flowers going in the yard (speedwell, lavender, hyacinths, and verbena).

I finally decided to quit putting off filling a large planter I bought years ago for the front stoop.  I have been stalled on what to put there – it gets really hot in the afternoons, so nothing delicate or that needs shade.  Bradley likes the shaped topiary-type shrubs, which are fine, but neither of us would ever commit to it.  After deciding that I want another Emerald arborvitae in the front shrubbery bed, I went ahead and bought one for the planter that I will transplant to it’s permanent home in the fall.  Then I guess I’ll be back to square one as for what to use in the planter.  But we will get to enjoy the life it gives to the drab front stoop.  I found an outdoor rug that perfectly fits the concrete stoop area to soften the look from Home Decorators.

Some plants in bloom now:





Gerbera Daisies

Mophead Hydrangea

Here are my blackberries at this point:

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