Goodwill Score

I think I may have hit my biggest Goodwill jackpot yesterday.  I haven’t been in a few weeks and thought I would pop in yesterday, and only buy something if I came across an incredible item.  And I did indeed find an incredible deal!  I have wanted a Le Creuset Dutch oven for a while now, but it just sits on my ‘Just for Fun’ wishlist, because really, who is going to get me a $300 pot?

I spotted what looked like an enameled cast iron dutch oven on an end cap, but thought, “I’m sure it is one of those thin metal pots painted to look like a Le Creuset.”  I picked it up, and almost dropped it because it was so heavy.  My next thought was, “Oh, I bet it is one of the lower end knock-offs of Le Creuset.”  I turned it over and what is imprinted on the lid?  Le Creuset!  The price? $8.98!  I held onto it for dear life and rushed to the register.  I am now the proud owner of a $300  7.25Qt. dutch oven, and my wallet is only $9 lighter!


7 thoughts on “Goodwill Score

    1. Leslie Post author

      Thanks! It has cleaned up perfectly too. I have a goodwill treat for you as well – we should get together sometime!

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