Houndstooth in the Living Room

I talked about one of my favorite fabric designers earlier with a teaser about some green and white houndstooth fabric.  I have finally finished the projects using this fabric  (with the help of my mom).  The fabric is  Square Pegs Kiwi by Robert Allen.  First I decided to recover the seats of our bar stools after I had someone comment about making them pop with color when I did the kitchen redo reveal.

My mom was kind enough to make some 21″ pillow covers for the living room.  I don’t like a lot of throw pillows – they always just end up tossed aside or on the floor, but a few can really help add a little color to the living room.  I have a few drab pillows that I bought when we first got these couches from Bradley’s parents, but they look deflated, cheap and lifeless – although they are really soft for laying around, so I keep them, just not for their looks.

I have been seeing a lot of articles recently about using throw pillows and the takeaways for me included using larger sizes (18″ is the very least), over stuffing them with feather inserts (I used 23″ inserts in these 21″ covers), and not doing the ‘karate chop.’  I didn’t realize I had been committing such a faux paus!  I got my feather/down inserts from Crate & Barrel.  These couches have such a strange lined pattern with an odd color scheme, so finding pillows that don’t totally clash is hard to do.  I like the houndstooth with it though, it is fun.  I have enough fabric left for a third pillow, so I am thinking I will make one more.


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