Christmas Gifting

I had fun with Christmas gifts this year.  Some were just mundane, like a book for my brother-in-law, grilling accessories for my in-laws, gift cards for my sister and her husband because they have to travel home, and computer speakers for my dad.  But for my mom and other friends, I got to be a little more creative. And as always, I churned out a load of Amish Friendship Bread!

This year I decided to try my hand at making homemade vanilla extract.  I used two types of vodka: one organic and the other potato vodka (for gluten free).  I purchased the Avery labels from Amazon.

I gave this to my mom along with some homemade Lavender Gardener’s Hand Scrub and Hand Cream.  I also found a neat little potmaker for starting seed that uses newspaper.

For my best friend, in addition to some homemade vanilla, I got my mom’s help to make a scarf that was inspired by the one in this post.  I found lace curtains at Goodwill and the scarves (I made two and decided to keep the color she didn’t want) at Target.  The fabric of the scarves I chose was scrunched, so sewing the curtain lace on proved a little more difficult, but in the end they turned out super cute.  The one I gave her was a lime green, so I kept the black one.

And speaking of sewing, my mom got me this for Christmas:

I don’t know how involved I will get in sewing, but just being able to hem or mend seams and make simple things like curtain panels or pillow covers on my own will be nice.

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