Valentine’s Day 2013

Bradley and I decided years ago to forgo dining out for Valentine’s day.  The restaurants are packed and usually there is a ‘special’ menu for the evening that is priced above normal.  This year he picked up some steaks at Harry’s and we cooked them up using this method (mouth watering).


I had found a gift card on ebay for Bone’s here in Atlanta at about a 25% discount for Bradley’s gift.  So we will get to have really good steaks again soon.  I put the gift card in a Valentine’s chinese takeout box filled with Kit-kats – his favorite.  Bradley gave me a new white gold chain for the pendants he has given me over the years.  The few chains I have were all 18″ long and I really wanted one that was 20″.  This one is adjustable up to 20″ and is a nice thick wheat chain, which I have decided is my favorite – though I also liked a foxtail chain we looked at.

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