Front Yard Gardening – Spring 2013

A few pictures for comparison.  The angles are not perfectly lined up, but it gives you an idea.  The Coral Bark Japanese Maple tree is slowly getting bigger each year.  The comparison pictures are from June 2010, March of last year and this week.

The daylilies that I transplanted from the courtyard to beside the Azaleas have sprouted up like nothing happened to them.

Beside the front door, my skinny succulent bed is doing well.  I think I finally found the perfect thing for the planter at the front door – Rosemary.  It doesn’t seem to mind the terribly hot conditions there.

The Little Gem Magnolia tree in the front yard has done really well.  The comparison pictures are from September 2009 and from this week.

Over in the courtyard, I have been working on training the Japanese Maple tree up each year so that it gives head clearance for the pathway.  The comparison pictures are from April 2011 and this week.

Also, it is nice to see how much the Berkman’s Gold Thuja has grown.  The creeping thyme I put between the stepping stones last fall was hit or miss.  I have some clumps that look really healthy, but also some that are dried up and dead.  Hopefully it will spread quickly and root the soil to keep it from continuing to wash down our driveway every time it rains.

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