Nacho Average Baby Shower

Our community group is bursting with babies!  We just welcomed the third in less than a year.  In February, we held a surprise baby shower for one of the couples.  It was themed ‘Nacho Average Baby Shower.’  We gathered ideas on Pinterest for weeks in advance and went all out with a taco bar for dinner and sopapillas with ice cream for dessert.

We hung papel picado banners in the foyer and colorful paper lanterns over the dining room opening at the host couple’s home.  I had tissue paper honeycomb balls and fans from previous birthday parties, so we hung them in a cluster from the ceiling fan in the living room.  The food table was covered with my homemade tablecloth that I normally use for my summer parties.  I painted my tiered food stands red to make them pop and tied skinny colorful ribbons to them.  I brought along my cactus and a couple of succulents as well as a pair of maracas I got in Mexico years ago.  The tacos were AMAZING, better than most restaurants.  I made white queso and our friends make the absolute best guacamole, period.  The sopapillas were just baked puff pastry, brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

On the drinks/gifts table, we had a colorful tablecloth and a striped table runner which I found at Tuesday Morning.  I cut strips of crepe paper streamers, fringed them, and wrapped them around the drink tub to tie it into the theme (I did the same for the cutlery holder.)  I visited a local supermercado to pick up authentic Mexican Cokes (complete with spanish labeling.)  There was a delicious virgin margherita punch as well as the ingredients for the real thing for non-preggers.

I downloaded a Mariachi album from iTunes to play during the party.  We all wore fake mustaches and tiny plastic sombreros as the guests of honor showed up.  We had looked up the word surprise in Spanish beforehand, so we all yelled “Sorpresa” as the couple arrived.  It was a really fun night celebrating with the soon-to-be parents.

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