Decorative Table Hack

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a small table to use next to the chair in our bedroom on which I can put a plant.  There is a lot of wooden furniture in the room, so I thought a metal table would be nice.  I went into Tuesday Morning and came out with the little green table in this picture for $29.99.

I knew I didn’t want the green color, especially since it was painted to look like it was chipped, but it was nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix.  I got a can of shiny chrome-finish paint, and after sanding and priming the base of the table, I lightly sprayed a few coats onto it.  It really looks more satin nickel than chrome, but I was okay with either finish.

About a week later, I saw a table that looked remarkably like mine – slightly taller and wider – on One King’s Lane for $229.00.  Not that I would have ever purchased that table if I hadn’t found the one at Tuesday Morning, but evidently I was on the right track with my finishing choice!

2 thoughts on “Decorative Table Hack

  1. Carol Hight

    My, my, my where DID you learn to be so thrifty, not to mention handy? Could it be inherited?

    Great find. I love it.

    I saw some really cute wire stools on an add for the World Market. I’m thinking about buying a couple of them to use on the patio. Need to see them in person before I decide for sure.

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