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We finally got around to hiring some help for a few house projects.  All included projects high up off the ground that we A) don’t have a ladder to get to and B) don’t have a desire to do ourselves.  Years ago, I purchased a pre-owned light fixture to replace the gold and glass stairwell light.  It wasn’t anything special – this isn’t our forever home – but it was a step in the right direction.  Until now, it had been collecting dust on top of the cabinet in our laundry room.  I had a hard time photographing it.


Last year, I started patching all the dings and settling cracks throughout the hallways and stairwell.  The paint color in these areas was the last remaining one from previous homeowners.  We bought paint from Sherwin Williams color-matched to the Toasty Grey color I had used in our spare bathrooms and laundry room.

Here is a picture of the color before.  It was more of a greenish khaki:

Finally, a couple of pieces of decorative trim from the highest gable on the front of our house had come off during some fierce winds a couple of years ago.  Bradley’s dad had brought his extension ladder over and put it back up for us last year, but when another storm came through, it popped right back off.  Hopefully it is fully secured up there now.

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