Georgia Petite Indian Hawthornes

We finally pulled out the last of the privet in our front shrubbery bed.  I left my name with the nice people at Pike’s and they called me when they got a new shipment of Georgia Petite Indian Hawthornes.  I put in a total of 5, and though the last three I purchased were the 5-gallon version, they will all have quite a bit of growing to do.

Much cleaner looking than where I left it after planting the first two:

One thought on “Georgia Petite Indian Hawthornes

  1. Leslie Davis

    Hi Leslie Davis

    I was google my name and I ran across your
    Blog and your beautiful home. And I’m an organizer
    And rearanger as well 🙂

    My daughter whom is only 16 years loves decorating.
    Anyway I will take time and go more into your blog later
    And I will be back.

    Peace and blessings


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