Progress Report: Master Bedroom

Our bedroom in this house is quite large.  It spans from the front of the house to the back, and includes windows on three sides.  This was the other room I made sure to paint before we got the furniture moved in.  I really liked the color I ended up with in our old bedroom – which was a product of adding several paints together, therefore I couldn’t just buy more.  I took our old paint can to Sherwin Williams and had them match the color in their Cashmere line for me.

I removed the fabric window shades left by the previous owners – they were a little frumpy for my taste.  I decided to keep the slightly odd-looking switch plate covers once I realized they were old porcelain covers, which I think adds a lot of character.  (If they had been plastic, I would have traded them out for flat covers.)  We decided to place the bed on the same wall as the door because the other direction it would cover half of the window, and because the switched outlets are on that wall.  The windows in this house are original wooden windows, which I love, but it means there is no room left for inside-mounted window coverings.  I ordered more tailored looking white Roman shades from JC Penney as the first layer of window treatments.  The curtains will have to wait until I have several hundred dollars to spend on fabric.

Here is the color-match label:

The long-term plan is to extend the wall from the closet to the bathroom at the back end of the room and remodel the bathroom to include that area.  We would also like to:

  • Remove the popcorn texture from the ceilings upstairs, to match the downstairs ceilings.
  • Remove the carpet upstairs and put down a hardwood flooring.
  • Add a ceiling fan to the upstairs bedrooms.
  • Transition all door hardware to oil-rubbed bronze to blend into the stained wood doors.
  • And of course, save up for curtain panels made from this fabric.

Here is how the previous owners had the room staged and painted.  The color was very green.

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