Tree Removal

Last week we had 8 large trees taken down in our yard.  There were two sweet gum trees in the front yard, two in the back yard, three pine trees along our driveway and one more that was too close to one of the sweet gums to stay.  Three of the four sweet gums were dying, not to mention they dropped gumballs all over the yard and driveway.  The three pines along the driveway were the culprits behind our buckled driveway.  We have so many trees on our property that I don’t find the removals to be too drastic-looking, but in a small way everything feels a little more opened up when I look at our house on my way in each day.

The front yard with two large sweet gum trees:Front Trees Before

The front yard after the tree removal:Front Trees AfterAlong our driveway with three large pine trees:Driveway Trees beforeAfter the pine trees were removed:Driveway Trees After

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