New Electrical Panel

We checked another item off our house’s to-do list.  The home inspection revealed that our electrical panel needed to be replaced sooner rather than later.  It took an entire day to do, and the electricians still had to return the following week to address a couple of other smaller tasks we wanted done.

New Foyer Outlet

We had them add an outlet to the foyer.  It is a large area and I was surprised that there was not an outlet here or in the hallway next to it.  Last Christmas, I put our tree up in the foyer – it looked great there, but I had to run an extension cord in front of the stairs and around the corner into the living room.  This year, it will be much easier and cleaner looking.

Stairwell Light

After we moved in, I ordered a new wall sconce for the stairwell to replace a Tiffany-style  sconce.  The new light fixture, like the previous one would not work.  Bradley fiddled with the switches, and even changed out both switches, but it still wouldn’t work.  The problem turned out to be bad wiring to the switch at the bottom of the stairs.  So for now, the fixture can only be operated from the top of the stairs.  Not ideal, but we didn’t want to have them mess with the drywall for now.  At least it does work now.

New Electrical Panel

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