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Christmas Tree

This year, we had a few more options to choose from for our tree placement.  Ultimately, we decided to have it tucked into the nook created by the stairs in the foyer.  It fits perfectly in that spot.  The only problems that came up with this arrangement were not having a single electrical outlet in the foyer – so our cord is tucked at the base of the stairs and around to an outlet in the living room – and that the tree isn’t as visible from the outside of the house due to our solid wood front door.  It can be seen in glimpses through the large, full-length sidelights on either side of the door though.

Christmas Tree

As always, I’ve decorated the tree with sentimental ornaments and those that we have picked up on various trips we’ve had, as well as the white and gold ornaments my mom gave me when I moved out of their house.

Since I last posted about our sentimental ornaments we have added a few more:

In February of 2013, we lost our crippled cat to cancer.  I made a clay ornament with his paw print to always remember him by.

Cat Paw Print Ornament

In March of 2013, we adopted our very first dog together.  I got a paw print ornament with a 2013 tag to celebrate his first year with us.

Dog Ornament

We traveled to Denver in May 2013 for a wedding, so we picked up a Garden of the Gods ornament while we were there.

Garden of the Gods Ornament

On Christmas Eve 2013, we were in the final negotiations for our new home.  I bought an antique key ornament from an etsy seller to celebrate our forever home.

Forever Home Ornament

To celebrate Bradley starting his dream job this year with Northpoint Ministries, we made an ornament out of a tag that was on his welcome gift.

Northpoint Ornament

In September 2014, I found a kitten in the bushes at my grandmother’s house.  She came home with me that day and we named her Shelley.  The story behind her name is that she is super soft, which make me think of the ‘Soft Kitty’ song from The Big Bang Theory and the main character Sheldon (or Shelley to his mom).  I got an ornament with Soft Kitty on it just for her.

Soft Kitty Ornament

A UGA Christmas

I have featured my UGA Christmas wreath for several years, but this year I’ve made a new tweak to the look.  I’ve never loved the bow I originally made for the wreath, but at the time, black ribbons were a little hard to find.  I came across some cute two-sided ribbon on Trendy Tree with black and white chevron on one side and red velvet on the other.  I’m very happy with the outcome.

2014 Christmas Wreath

This year we also added a UGA tree to the mix.  It is the 4.5 foot tree we bought last year because I didn’t feel like putting up the big tree.  I placed it in a corner of the hallway upstairs so that we get to see it every morning and evening as we go to and from our bedroom.  I had the red ‘G’ balls already, as well as the small red glass ornaments and glass candy canes.  I’ve added black glass ornaments and red curly tree picks to my collection this year.  The small red tree skirt came from Tuesday Morning.

2014 Christmas UGA Tree

Happy New Year

We held our 7th annual new year’s eve party last night, but this was the first year I have remembered to take pictures of all of my decorations.

In the foyer, guests are greeted with tinsel-clad wooden numbers of the year we are ringing in.  On the small table, I put out crystal clocks, champagne glasses and a disco ball ornament on a silver-sequined tablecloth.

In the living room, I hang a lighted sphere over the TV to mimic the ball that drops at midnight.  On the table below, I draped a gold sequined table runner and lit gold and silver mercury glass votive holders.  I also set out glittered noise makers, hats and tiaras.  I glittered a mirrored tray on which I set ‘midnight kisses’ and Ferrera Rochers.

We set up a drink table with a sequined table runner (and a clear tablecloth protector to guard against water rings).  I glittered a mason jar to hold the gold paper straws and I put a rock candy stick in each of the champagne glasses.  I made drink stirrers out of skewers and tinsel.  I found the Cheers shot glasses they are in at Target this year.

It was a fun night with friends that I enjoy every year.  We wish you a Happy New Year!

Christmas Decorating

This year, I left some of the elements from my autumn tablescape – the burlap and chocolate table runners and the birch slab – out for Christmas.  I used a pair of brass deer that I found at Goodwill and a gold mercury glass tree from Michaels in the center along with gold and silver mercury glass votive holders from Target.  The snowflake plates also came from Target and are paired with our wedding china and silver glass chargers that also came from Goodwill.  I did not attempt the ornament chandelier this year, just to keep things more simple on myself.

I bought some vintage Christmas ornaments last year.  When trying to decide how to display them, I pulled out the large lantern I got from Lowes on clearance in the fall.  The ornaments no where near fill the lantern, but it gives me space to build on my collection each year.

I also added a second mirrored tree that I found at Bealls to the powder room this year.

I did not really change anything in the foyer this year.  I love this one-piece nativity and it fits so perfectly under the large cloche.

 I decided to go back to my traditional bow topper this year.  I kept the red blanket as the tree skirt, though we have so many gifts under the tree this year that I don’t think the cat can even get under there for the time being.

Our new ornaments this year include a Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco and a Biltmore ball from our anniversary trip to Asheville, NC.

(To keep my annual Christmas decorating post from becoming too long, each year I try to only post about new or changed-up items.  I keep a running page for Christmas decorating over the years at the top of the blog.)

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Decorating for Fall

I have been working on putting up my fall decorations this week.  I changed up the look again this year.  I kept the green and brown color scheme in the dining room, but made it a little more rustic feeling than last year.  I filled a huge lantern I found on clearance at Lowe’s with some of the brown and green filler that was just scattered on the table last year and an old cheese grater that I got for $1 at an antique mall this year.

I always feel like not having any height in the decor looks a little flat and blah.  I bought some new burlap this year and cut a table runner to go under the chocolate beaded one that came from Bed, Bath & Beyond years ago.  I also covered some plain glass cylindrical vases with burlap and put out the birch-covered glass vase.  I only had enough filler for the taller vases, so I put candles in the shorter vases.  I could not for the life of me find where I stored the pheasant feathers I bought last year, otherwise they would be in there as well.

When I was at Old Time Pottery getting the dried filler for the vases, I found that they had a lot of real pumpkins available.  In addition to the traditional orange pumpkins they had white, heirloom, and wart-covered ones.  I picked up a pale peachy-orange heirloom and a white one for the foyer table.  They are so pretty in person, with a finish similar to chalk paint.  The burlap table cloth is from years past, but I also covered a galvanized pail with burlap and put a deep red mum in it.

My rustic tray and brass quails were relocated to the living room this year.  I kept the vignette low profile because it is on the table beneath the television.  The tiny wart-covered gourds are also from Old Time Pottery.   I used another piece of burlap as a runner to lighten up the look and give some contrast between the wooden table and wooden tray.


Fall Party