New Bedroom Chair

Our bedroom has had an empty corner since June of last year when I hung a mini crystal teardrop chandelier, that I still love, and it highlighted how short the mid-century ‘makeover’ chair was, leading me to remove it.  I have had several inspiration pictures of what style/color chair I wanted for this corner, and […]

Elfa Drawers

I have always kept my sweaters in a hanging canvas storage organizer that was droopy and hard to keep up.  I started to research options for drawers that could be hung, since we have a very generous closet.  Rubbermaid and Closetmaid both have options, but the reviews were less than exciting.  Then I came across the […]

New Projects Ahead

Thanks to our extremely generous families, we received quite a chunk of change for Christmas.  Here are the projects we will be tackling using our unexpected funds: 1)  Mounting our living room television.  Here is the post from getting the new tv in May.  The setup is still the same. The Before: A great place […]