Nativities and Other Tabletop Decorations

This was my very first nativity.  It is bone china and all one piece, and it fits under my glass cloche perfectly.  I purchased it before I was married from a christian bookstore.


My favorite aunt gave me this nativity as a wedding gift.  You may be able to tell as we go along, I love abstract nativities with no faces.

Colorful Nativity


Bradley’s grandmother gave us the Willow Tree nativity for Christmas in 2005 and 2006.  It is huge and accounts for about a third of my Christmas storage, but I think it is beautiful.

This one may just be my favorite.  Bradley’s dad brought it back from Africa.  I think it is so unique and love it!

Bradley brought this fabric nativity back from a mission trip to Cambodia.  The tiny nativity next to my light bulb ornament is from my best childhood friend – it came from Peru I believe.

The bulldog treat jar always gets a little santa hat at Christmas.

Over the mantle, I hung a Merry Christmas banner I found at Target.  The brass deer pair was a thrift store find, and the glass trees and mirrored trees have been collected over the years.

I bought some vintage Christmas ornaments in 2011.  When trying to decide how to display them in 2012, I pulled out the large lantern I got from Lowes on clearance in the fall.  In 2014, I put them in a bed of faux snow in large blue jars on the hearth.

Vintage Ornaments

I purchased a mirrored mosaic tree from Target in 2010, then added a second one from Bealls in 2012.  They worked well on the powder room counter at our first house.  Now I set them out in the living room.

Mirrored Trees


Bradley got me this little colorful tree at Lowe’s for my birthday the first year we were married.  He had seen me get excited about it in the store for it’s Dr. Seuss-ness, and he went back to get it for me.  The red beaded wreath is from Bed, Bath and beyond when I was in college.  It was the perfect size to add to this window at our first house.

In 2008, I made this tabletop ornament out of some big retro Christmas tree light bulbs.  I had fun making it and it adds a little funky to my decor.



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