The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas

Bradley and I went west last weekend. On Saturday, we flew out to Las Vegas and promptly rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon. We arrived right as the sun was going down, so we were unable to see much of the canyon that night, but the following morning, we got up early and watched the sun rise over the canyon. We spent the morning taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

We spent Sunday night through Wednesday morning in Vegas. The first night we went to a show at the Venetian hotel starring Wayne Brady (Who’s Line is it Anyway?). Bradley was so incredible to spend a whole day before we left getting us tickets into the show. We were on the fourth row and could almost reach out and touch those on the stage.  Bradley was there for the NAB conference, so we really only experienced Vegas at night. There is a fountain show in front of the Bellagio hotel every night and there are many different ones set to different music every 10-15 minutes. There is also a volcano show in front of the Mirage hotel and a pirate show in front of Treasure Island hotel, but we missed both of those because of time and strong winds. We also missed the lions at MGM and the tigers at the Mirage because they were not in their habitats when we went, but we did see the flamingos at our own hotel, The Flamingo! (imagine that)

Our hotel was not the nicest one on the strip, but it is right in the middle of everything and the rooms have recently been renovated and our room was amazing! The bed was soooo comfortable. (like sleeping on a cloud!) The room had a huge flat tv on the wall and also a tv inside the mirror in the bathroom! We also had an awesome glass shower. All of the hotels were so amazing. It is like stepping into huge incredibly decorated malls. Each hotel has tons of stores and restaurants.

The first night we ate in the Venetion at Valentino where we had the most delicious pasta. Monday night we ate at the Planet Hollywood in Caesar’s Palace hotel, not the best meal of the trip, but heck, its Planet Hollywood. (I’ve been to the one in NYC, Atl., and Washington D.C., so we have to continue the tradition) Our last night there we ate at Stacked inside the Mirage hotel. Bradley had a steak and I had lamb for the first time. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was so great.

We only spent $3.25 in the slot macines. I know Vegas is known for gambling, but I didn’t find it all that interesting. I guess because I don’t know anything about the games you can play there. But there was so much to see everywhere you looked, that gambling was just a blip on the radar. I am so glad that we were able to go out there even if we barely scratched the surface of things to do. Maybe someday we can go back and get in a few more of the things that we missed on this trip!

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