Day 1: Laundry Room


I was very excited that we found a house with an actual laundry room.  Many of the houses we looked at either had a laundry closet, the laundry in a bathroom, or in the garage.  Another great thing about the laundry room is that it is upstairs where the bedrooms are.  No hauling clothes up and down the stairs.  Yea!

The previous owners had decorated this room a little on the country side.  It was a yellow that wasn’t too bad, but still not my style.  My mom painted it a khaki color (Toasty Grey by Glidden), the same that we used in two of the bathrooms.  The cabinets above the washer and dryer provide awesome storage.

I added a small shelf to the corner by the window to have a place to hang clothes as I take them out of the dryer.  (The previous owners did not leave the bar that hung under the cabinets for some reason)  I was also glad that we could fit two canvas hampers without making it difficult to move around.


For the window, I chose another balloon shade, because I really don’t like traditional valances.  I found some cute canvas totes at Kohls and use them to add a little color and to hold small things that might get lost in the cabinet.

The most recent update has been my laundry artwork.  I found the cutest pictures in a random catalog where the artist had painted the little symbols you see on clothing tags for how they should be cleaned.  The little plaques she had painted were, I think, $40 each.  Yikes!  So I went online and found the symbols I wanted to use and Bradley helped me size them and change the colors to match our laundry room.  I already had a set of white frames from the apartment that I couldn’t figure out what to do with, so print, pop ’em in, and presto!  We have art!

Wish List:  There is not much to do in here except that sometime in the next year or two we have to get a new washer.  The one I got in college has balance problems because of something to do with the drum and it is LOUD.  When the washers a rockin’ don’t come a knockin’!

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