New (to us) Couches

Bradley’s parents bought new living room furniture, so we adopted a sofa and loveseat from them.  They aren’t what I would pick out in a store, but he says they are really well made and they fit into our decor pretty well.  The biggest thing is that they provide much needed seating when we have friends over.  We sold our couch on CL and gave his parents the money, trying to feel a little less uneven about the adoption.

It was a tight squeeze, but we got everything back into the room.  I lived with it for a few weeks, but the crowded, off-balanced feeling was driving me batty.  I used my trusty graph paper method to play around with the layout.  The only layout that appealed to me was removing the bookcases from either side of the tv and relocating them to the dining room as makeshift china cabinets.

Bradley was not excited about this solution because then the tv would protrude into the room like a sore thumb.  Not being able to try the new layout was driving me crazy, so I made the old switcheroo while he was out of town on business.  Usually, he can’t understand my visions unless they are right in front of him.  And yes, the tv is awful looking now.  And yes, the couches look 100X better!  The loveseat fits (uncentered but I can’t have it all) under the windows and leaves room for an end table on either side.  I moved the buffet from the dining room into the corner to try to balance the tv better, then I angled an arm chair next to the tv and put my two palms on either side of the tv to shield the sides the best I could.

It isn’t perfect by any means, and Bradley hates it, but in my crazy little head, I would rather have the couches balanced than worry about how the tv looks.  We are now moving up our time table of getting a new tv for this room, so moving things around usually does cost something in the end.  Hopefully we can sell our current tv and use any money I make at my yard sale next month to offset the cost.

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I think Habitual Rearranger fits me well because I am never settled on designs, colors, or placement of items in our home. I drive Bradley crazy sometimes, but I keep figuring out new and better ways of doing things! I am not striving to be profound or an expert on anything in this blog. It is simply a way to keep a record of all of my adventures - home and life - for me to reference and also for my loved ones to follow along. I am a born and raised Georgia girl. I don't think I would enjoy living anywhere except the south. Bradley and I spent six and a half years in our starter home and are now in our forever home, a 1970s traditional two story brick house. I love getting into all kinds of projects around our house, and I try to document all the dirty details here if for no one else than for me.

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