Garage Organization

Today was a pretty day, so I was able to get out and take pictures of my new Rubbermaid FastTrack system hard at work.

Left Side:

Once we started pulling everything out, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get as much along this wall as I had hoped.  (I didn’t measure)  So we made sure to get one rail at the right height for the wheelbarrow hook.  Then we chose to hang a short rail higher for the shelves.  I was very excited about hanging shelves, because the garage floor was not leveled all the way to the edge at the base of the walls, so any floor-sitting shelf had to sit a few inches out from the wall so that it didn’t tilt forward.  The shelves are not the picture of organization, but I really like them.

Right Side:

I had not planned to hang anything on the right side, but because the wheelbarrow and shelves ate up so much of the left wall, we decided to hang flat items along this side.  Luckily, the new car takes up less space than my old car and we can easily get in and out of the passenger side, even with these items here.

Passenger Side:

I have never tried any other garage organization system, so I can’t compare.  All I can say is that I really enjoyed working with this system.  It is super easy, because the only thing that is really important to get right is hanging the track at the right height for your needs and making sure it is level.  The hooks and shelves are extremely easy to snap into place.  Even Bradley was impressed with the simplicity, and he doesn’t usually care one way or the other with these types of projects.  He’s happy if I’m happy.  I love him!

And just for comparison, here is the garage right after my reorganization and paint job a couple of years ago:

 Now that we both have garage door openers, Bradley comes into the house this way.  It is nice to keep open space to the left of the car so that he doesn’t have to weave around a lot of stuff.  This new organization gives me a little more storage in the garage, without it taking up all of the floor space.  We received the wheelbarrow and the golf clubs after the initial organization.  Also, he enjoys the easy access to the string trimmer here for front yard use instead of in our back yard storage building.  (We keep both the building and the gate fence pad-locked)

Oh, and you may have noticed, I still have not ‘gotten around’ to painting the ceiling in here.  I’m not sure what my hang-up is, just that I’m not a big fan of painting I guess.

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