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Obviously, I have issues with settling on our guest bedroom’s design.  It started as a bare bones office/craft room and has changed purpose and layout several times since then.  The last update to the space included a new-to-me headboard and side table.  I mentioned here that I moved the bookshelf from this room to Bradley’s office and found two matching dressers/nightstands for storage in the space.  I lived with the dark stain for a couple of months before making the decision to go ahead and paint them.  After some procrastination, I have finished the tedious paint job.  I used the same light gray (Canyon Echo by Glidden) as the headboard and side table and painted the brassy hardware a bright green.  Unfortunately, the new nightstands are much taller than the bed; so I put bed risers under the bed, which meant the white bedskirt was too short.  Not ideal, but I knew I could make it work.  I found some cute blue Waverly curtains at Burlington Coat Factory and enlisted my mom’s help to make a 20″ drop bedskirt using the base from the old skirt.

As a reminder, here is the listing picture of the dressers when I bought them:

That’s not all though!  I also searched for table lamps to go on either side of the bed.  I found two brass lamp bases at Goodwill and sprayed them bright green to match the new curtain panels I found at Burlington Coat Factory.  I picked up some lamp shades at Tuesday Morning and a white roman shade at J.C. Penney for more light control.  Finally, I found the white down comforter and duvet cover on clearance at Target to tone down all the blues from the bedding/walls combo.

The only thing I may still do is switch out the ceiling fan with the ugly glass globe light for one without a light kit.  Having three lamps in the room on a remote makes the overhead light unnecessary, but living in GA makes having a fan in a bedroom somewhat of a necessity.  Also, I would love to add crown moulding one day if we are feeling particularly ambitious!

It isn’t perfect, but I am enjoying the more balanced feeling in the room.  And the added layers of color and pattern.  I was  having a hard time finding the more subtle celery color from my inspiration and the grey is lighter than I meant to use.  This has been one of the harder rooms to pull together, mostly because I started from scratch – having no extra bedroom furniture from our one-bedroom apartment.  I have also tried to be cost-conscious since it is a room that I want to be comfy if we do have guests, but 99.9% of the time sits unused.

The slow transformation:


For anyone that might be interested in a cost breakdown (some things are approximated because they are second-hand and have been around for a while):

Bed Frame/Mattress: $50 (Craigslist)
Headboard: $15 (Goodwill)
Bed Risers: $5 (Goodwill)
Quilt and Throw Pillows: ~$60 (T.J. Maxx)
White duvet Cover/Shams: $15 (Target)
Down Comforter: $40 (Target)
Mattress Pad: $20 (Target)
Sheets: ~$15 (Annas?)
Bedskirt: $20 Blue Curtains (Burlington), $10 original skirt base (Anna’s?)
Nightstand Dressers: $90 (Craigslist)
Bedside Lamps: Bases $8 (Goodwill), Shades $14 (Tuesday Morning)
Chair: already owned from failed dining room makeover (Walmart), ~$20 in foam and fabric (JoAnns)
Round Side Table: $5 (Goodwill)
Table Lamp: Base $12 (Walmart)
Paint: $20 (Home Depot)
Collage Wall: ~$25 (frames-Goodwill) (Mats/D-Michaels) (Shelf-Ikea)
Green Curtain Panels: $10 (Burlington)
White Roman Shade: $16 (J.C.Penney)

Grand Total: ~$470.00 – Not too bad for a full room!  I imagine you wouldn’t find just a new bed with mattresses for less than that.

(I should also add that I was able to sell my two college desks, a desk chair, and a file drawer table for about $100)

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  1. beautiful room leslie! I love the color scheme you have. That green is fantastic:) I also love how you did the cost breakdown…very YHL:) I am inspired…maybe our second bedroom will start coming along thanks to your inspiration!

    1. Thank you Tara! You are so sweet – if it’s not obvious, green is my favorite color. And blue is probably second:) The cost breakdown was Bradley’s idea and I thought it was a great one. Yea for your 2nd bedroom! If you have a free Saturday, we should go thrifting or yard-saling. They have put in a new one on 92 that I haven’t stopped at yet:)

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