Bradley and I decided to take a trip for our anniversary this year.  I was a little over long distance vacations after Yosemite and Cancun, so I asked if we could choose a local destination that we could drive to easily.  Savannah was one of the places we had talked about going for a while now, since neither of us have been since we were very young.  We are also excited to take a trip to Charleston at some point in the future.

Savannah is a slow town with most stores and attractions closing by 5PM.  We visited the Davenport House, Wormsloe Plantation, climbed the Tybee Island Lighthouse, walked River Street and generally wandered around the historic downtown district.

The lighthouse has 178 steps and tours are self-guided.  My thighs felt those steps for days!  The Wormsloe Plantation has a 1.1 mile drive back to the site that is lined the entire way with live oak trees covered in Spanish moss.

The Spanish moss is so iconic of Savannah.  Pictures simply cannot capture the magnificent beauty you get in person.

There were 24 original squares in Savannah, and we saw most of them on our trolley tour the first day.  This is the large fountain at Forsyth Square, the largest square.

All of the squares had large old live oaks draped in Spanish moss.

A big part of our trip was all about the food.  Savannah has some of the best southern cuisine around.  We used Yelp to help us find the best and brightest places to try.  Besides our very favorite meal of the trip (mentioned yesterday), we visited Vic’s on the River, the Olde Pink House, and Alligator Soul for dinners.  We did happen upon Paula Deen’s Lady and Sons without much of a wait, so we tried it for ourselves.  The food was very southern and very good.  If you did not grow up on this food, it would blow your mind.  Same goes for Mrs. Wilkes’ Boarding House – the food is served family style at 12 person tables that you share with those in line next to you.  Just like a southern family reunion or church potluck.  We had hummus and a sandwich at Zunzi’s that was very good – it is considered South African cuisine.  I got my seafood fix at The Pirate House.  We also tried the pizza at the highly recommended Vinnie-Van-Go-Go’s.  I was a little underwhelmed due to the fact that the pizza place next to our house, Big Pie in the Sky, is so amazing that nothing can hold a candle to it.

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