New Bedroom Chair

Our bedroom has had an empty corner since June of last year when I hung a mini crystal teardrop chandelier, that I still love, and it highlighted how short the mid-century ‘makeover’ chair was, leading me to remove it.  I have had several inspiration pictures of what style/color chair I wanted for this corner, and I’ve just been waiting on the right one to come along.  The accent color I have been working with is a peacock blue/turquoise, so I was dreaming of a turquoise velvet wing-back-ish chair.

Last fall, I found an inspiration picture for some fabric to use for a lumbar pillow on our bed.  The designer had two chairs covered in Robert Allen’s Velvet Geo Turquoise fabric.  I knew I could never afford a custom chair in the fabric, but I could get a pillow out of it.

(Here is another view of the same room)

I was checking in at a furniture consignment shop near work and to my surprise, there was a chair in this exact fabric.  The shape is a little different from the inspiration, but still our style.  The only thing I would change is the back height, another 6″ would be great.   But this felt like a stars-lined-up kind of find, so I talked to Bradley about it and he really liked the picture, so I went for it.

Here it is in the bedroom:

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  1. I love the fabric too, and recovered a club chair in my sitting room and had several size pillows for the chair, bed and sofa made as well. Absolutely love the look. I had this done last summer. I saw the fabric, then I googled the fabric and found your post. After seeing your post, I knew it was the right choice.

    F. Forte

    1. Thanks! It’s been a couple of years and I still love this fabric. I’m sure it looks fabulous in your home as well!

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