Fall Plantings Week 2

I am still plodding along in the yard trying to whittle down my gardening to-do list (even though I am working against myself by adding to the list).  I transplanted one more hydrangea over the weekend which opened up some more space for transplanting another two dozen canna lilies.  I also planted a third foxtail fern on the hill, because like in decorating, I like plant groupings in odd numbers.  They are actually in the lily family and are not zoned for Georgia, but I’m being a lot hopeful because I think they are so cute.  If they don’t survive, I will just have to settle for using them in planters.

In the front yard, I was able to dig up the little holly at the corner of the garage and install the sky pencil holly.  The dwarf holly went into the planter by the front door for now.  I’m not sure what to do with it and I still had a big empty hole in the planter from removing the dead emerald green thuja – two birds, one stone.

I also found a little combo pack of succulents at Lowe’s and put them in the skinny bed with the hens-and-chicks.  If everything lives it will look more like the inspiration picture.

After doing some reading, I think I am going to now change out the shrubs in front of the house.  The shrubs there currently are curtesy of the previous homeowner – privet.  I prune them constantly throughout Spring, Summer and Fall, so I don’t have problems with it blooming and producing berries, but the problem is that I prune them constantly.  I am considering using an Indian Hawthorne shrub, I just don’t know which particular one yet.   So my plan is to replace the privet, but still use dwarf Firepower heavenly bamboo as the front layer in the bed.

Here are the canna lilies still left to transplant:

Here are the blue speedwell plants I am growing to hide an ugly little cinderblock retaining wall – the two holes on the left are the ones that I worked on last week to root some in a little fresh dirt.  It will get there someday:

To close I will share a picture of the only thing blooming in the yard at the moment, my stonecrop.  The bees and a few butterflies love it!

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