First Fall Plantings

I have high aspirations for working in the yard this fall – honestly it is daunting.  Most of these things involve working on the steep hill in our backyard, which is scary in and of itself.

My hopeful list of fall gardening:

  • Move 3 Hydrangeas and 4 Gardenias (1 moved!)
  • Plan and plant new variety of plants and shrubs under the living room window
  • Move 5 Dwarf Japanese Barberries and plant 5 new dwarf heavenly bamboo nandinas
  • Transplant about 100 canna lilies, some asiatic lilies, irises and some gladioli (The cannas are dug out and 2 dozen have been replanted)
  • Plant some new ornamental grasses and knock-out-type roses
  • Root more Georgia blue Speedwell along the retaining walls (small wall and half of large wall finished!)
  • Replace the dwarf holly at the corner of the garage with a sky pencil holly (sky pencil purchased)
  • Plant succulents in small bed near front door (see below)
  • Freshen up the smallest planter on the patio (see below)
  • Plant another Emerald Green Thuja at the front corner of the house (see below)

I got a head start on Labor day when I got an itch to put some new plants in the small planter on the patio that was looking ragged.  I bought an asparagus fern on clearance and a small potato vine.  I left the spent cyclamen in there because I have a sickness and I can’t throw out a plant until I have completely killed it off.

I also bought some hens and chicks after seeing an amazing succulent inspiration that looks just like the little strip of soil between our house and front walkway.

The tag on the Hen and Chicks says it is a ground cover that takes full sun and has low water needs once established – very good for this afternoon-sun area.  There was a little bit of creeping stone crop left on the hill that I also transplanted here.  I hope it works out, because this little strip of soil has baffled me for years.

Lastly, I had to buy a new Emerald Green Thuja.  The one I had bought for the planter by the front door, to be moved into the yard this fall, died even though I tried really hard to keep up with it.  I think the baking heat at our front stoop was just too much.  The heat did not seem to bother the sweet potato vine though – it has grown like crazy from the small sprout I planted.  I have even had to trim it back several times to keep it out of the path to the front door!

Womp, womp.  But here is the new one in its new home next to the Emerald Green I planted last fall.

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  1. I’m available for consultation/digging/replanting/etc. whenever you call. I’d love to come help in your yard. By the way, I dug out several of the ferns you admired in the back native plant bed on the dig this past weekend. I have them potted and ready to transplant. They will do well in your little ‘alley’, if you can keep them watered for the first year. Let me know if you want them. Otherwise, they’re coming to live at my house.

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