Progress Report: Yard

I know it is the wrong time of the year to transplant things, but the move necessitated a few transplants all the same.  I had a couple of things at our old house that I knew exactly where I wanted them at the new house, and I needed to get them moved before we find renters.  First was the weeping Japanese maple tree – it seemed perfect for the little fan shaped bed between the garage and the deck.

I also decided to take the two Bergenias I had in the courtyard at the old house.  Everything else there will be easy to get more of from my mom’s yard later down the road.  I placed them at the back corner of the turnaround, next to our new fence.  There was no fence before, but we needed one for Buddy.  Because the property is over 3 acres, we knew we didn’t need a wooden privacy fence, but I told Bradley I would only be okay with chainlink if it was black.  So black it is, and I think it looks great (for a fence).

I can’t even really think about the yard too much or I break into a sweat.  I have no vision or plan for this much space.  All I know is we have got to get the ivy under control.  And we have about five or six trees that need to come down.  Thankfully, my mom has had a vision for the yard since the first time she laid eyes on it.  I am just waiting for spring to get here, so that I can start to figure out what we even have in the yard already.

And as a sign to our neighbors that we want to make this home beautiful and our own, I put in a couple of flats of annuals around the mailbox to spruce it up and add a little life at the street.

Things to address in the yard include:

  • Killing/Removing as much ivy as humanly possible from front, side and back yard
  • Have two or three dying sweet gum trees removed and three pine trees along the driveway removed. (Spring 2015)
  • Remove two crepe myrtles that were planted WAY too close to the garage. (Summer 2014)
  • Repair and repave section of the driveway buckled by tree roots.
  • Replace shrubs in bed along front porch and in front of garage once I figure out the sun patterns and what will work in that spot.
  • Add more hydrangeas beside the deck stairs in the back yard. (May 2015)
  • Figure out what plants we have, which ones are good to keep and which need to be removed.
  • Have a gate built for the opening on the deck that leads to the driveway.

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I think Habitual Rearranger fits me well because I am never settled on designs, colors, or placement of items in our home. I drive Bradley crazy sometimes, but I keep figuring out new and better ways of doing things! I am not striving to be profound or an expert on anything in this blog. It is simply a way to keep a record of all of my adventures - home and life - for me to reference and also for my loved ones to follow along. I am a born and raised Georgia girl. I don't think I would enjoy living anywhere except the south. Bradley and I spent six and a half years in our starter home and are now in our forever home, a 1970s traditional two story brick house. I love getting into all kinds of projects around our house, and I try to document all the dirty details here if for no one else than for me.

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