Seattle to San Francisco

At the end of August, my mom and I flew to Seattle and met up with my sister for a road trip that would take us back to San Francisco over 5 days.  We spent the first two days touring Seattle.  We visited the Space Needle, Chihuly Gardens, and went on a whale watching tour the first day.

Space Needle from Chihuly Gardens:
Space Needle

My favorite piece at Chihuly Gardens was this glass chandelier:

We got to see a pod of Orca (Killer) Whales:
Orca Whales

On our second day in Seattle, my mom and I took a food tour through Pike Place Market.  I would highly recommend this tour – the food and our guide were both wonderful!  We tried fresh donuts, smoked salmon (and one of our tourmates got to catch the fish!), Beecher’s mac-n-cheese, Chukar cherries, clam chowder, piroshkies and crab cakes.  My favorites were the savory piroshky and the clam chowder.

The original Starbucks in Pike Place Market:Pikes Place

Mom enjoying her clam chowder:Food Tour

We stopped along the way in Oregon to do a little shopping, but not much else – just driving.  We spent one afternoon in Portland eating from food trucks and walking around, so I think Bradley and I will visit there again in the future to really experience it fully.  Once we got into California, we made our way to the Redwood National Forest.  Bradley and I had only ever made it up to Muir Woods before, so this was a treat.  One of the really interesting stops was called fern canyon.  Towering walls on both sides of you covered in ferns – it was beautiful.


Fern Canyon

Once we got into San Francisco, Bradley flew in to meet up with us.  We spent the rest of the week trying a few new things, as well as revisiting some of our favorites.  We went back to the SF Botanical Gardens:SF Botanical GardenWe also caught a Giants game.  They have a beautiful stadium, but I was so over being hot all week (strange to say about SF) that I spent a lot of the game watching on tvs in the concession stand area.

SF Giants

We researched some new places to eat this time, ending up at a hole-in-the-wall place in chinatown in which very little english was spoken and we ate our food huddled on a door stoop.  One morning we ate at a french brunch place called Zazie.  We also tried a good burger place in Berkeley called Eureka and wandered around a game shop nearby.

Games of Berkeley

On Sunday we visited a strategic partner of Northpoint called New Vintage Church:
2015-08-30 11.40.19

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