New Lighting

I have the MOST wonderful husband ever!  I came home to find that when Bradley ‘left’ for work this morning, he actually just went to Starbucks until I left to throw me off his sneaky plan.  He spent the whole day doing things around the house for me.  He vacuumed and made the bed.  He bought and […]

Weekend Projects: Roman Shades and Key Hooks

Yesterday’s post was getting wordy, so I thought I would detail the rest of my weekend projects today. The first was re-installing one of Bradley’s closet shelves that was pulling away from the wall.  Hopefully, it will stay put for many years to come.  I can just imagine being scared to death in the middle […]

Master Bathroom Updates

It is slow going on the finishing touches in the bathroom.  I have had the vanity cabinet painted (Behr Revival Mahogany) since before Recreate, but just not put back together.  I finally got around to hanging the doors back on the cabinet tonight, since it did involve drilling new hinge holes.  The paint color on […]

Weekend Project: Reorganizing the Master Closet

I decided that since this past weekend was the last time we would have a free Saturday until the end of the year, it was time to quit putting off reorganizing our closet.  The original layout did not work well for our needs and left a lot of wasted space.  One whole half of the […]