Front Yard Shrubbery Bed

After replacing and moving almost every plant in our yard since moving in, I am finally getting around to changing out the shrubs right in front of our house.  The previous homeowners had planted six privet bushes in two clumped arrangements with a Loropetalum in the middle.  It has been a constant battle to keep […]

Front Yard Gardening – Spring 2013

A few pictures for comparison.  The angles are not perfectly lined up, but it gives you an idea.  The Coral Bark Japanese Maple tree is slowly getting bigger each year.  The comparison pictures are from June 2010, March of last year and this week. The daylilies that I transplanted from the courtyard to beside the […]

Backyard Gardening – Spring 2013

This past year, I started working on moving and grouping the different flowering plants in our yard.  I moved some white irises, canna lilies, asiatic lilies, gladioli, and added some tulips and daffodils to the right side of the hill in the back yard.  The irises have bloomed, as well as the new daffodils.  The […]