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Again, I kept the dining room simple with a red and white table runner and antique glass ornaments in a large lantern.  My wonderful neighbor gave me a poinsettia which I put on a red metal tray from Target.


I picked up a simple red and white table runner from Target to add to the dining table without obstructing my daily use of the table.  It pairs well with the red bead wreath I use around the cloche that holds one of my favorite nativities this time of year.  I also have my Thanksgiving cactus on a red metal tray on the buffet – it decided to bloom for Christmas this year!


2016-christmas-centerpiece 2016-christmas-buffet


The dining table stays pretty bare because I use it a good bit, but I would like to find a pretty runner for the future.  I went with a large lantern filled with my collection of vintage ornaments, to which a add a couple each year.


I used the nativity under the cloche on the breakfast table and added red plaid napkins to the place settings to tie into the red wreath that surrounds the cloche.Table Setting


In our new home, I stayed very simple with table centerpieces for this year.

Christmas table centerpiece

Orchid wreath


This year, I left some of the elements from my autumn tablescape – the burlap and chocolate table runners and the birch slab.  I used a pair of brass deer that I found at Goodwill and a gold mercury glass tree from Michaels in the center along with gold and silver mercury glass votive holders from Target.  The snowflake plates also came from Target and are paired with our wedding china and silver glass chargers that also came from Goodwill.  I did not attempt the ornament chandelier this year, just to keep things more simple on myself.


Our Christmas tablescape incorporates silver and gold.  I switched out the gold plastic chargers from last year to silver glass ones that I found at Goodwill after Christmas last year.  I also opted to not pull down the large hurricane this year.  Instead, I kept the rustic tray that I used for fall decorating and added two brass deer that I also found at Goodwill.  The tray makes it easy to move everything out of the way for plates of food.  The gold glass tree came from Michaels after Christmas.  The snowflake plates were from Target last year, as were the silver and gold mercury glass votive holders.

From the chandelier, I hung some very shiny silver ornaments that I found at Tuesday Morning.  Handmade and very fragile, evidenced by my breaking one already.  I put the remaining silver ornaments with some small gold ones under a cloche on the bookshelf.  I added a little faux greenery and red berries to the blue Bell jars.  That is all the changes the bookshelves will see this year.


I had that less-is-more feeling about Christmas decorations in 2010.  I have seven bins of Christmas decor, but only pulled out four of them (two of which solely house ornaments for the tree).

I decided to retire my Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dishes, because I don’t feel like they are my style anymore.  After searching all over the internet for something more ‘us’, I came across these simple snowflake dishes at Target.  The best part is that I was able to just purchase salad plates and pair them with our everyday china from our wedding.  I mixed gold (the chargers, table runner, and piller candle) and silver (the dishes and votive holders), which I think is okay for Christmas.  The table runner has snowflakes on it, so it helps tie things together even more.


I added some red ribbon to our Ikea flower pots and set them along with my large hurricane and white birds on my gold snowflake table runner.  I placed my Winterberry dishes on red chargers with the beaded pears from the previous year.

I added a little bit of garland to the buffet table and tucked some 25 cent snowflakes into it.  (Bonus the garland covers the lamp cord:)  On the mirror above the buffet I hung a cute ‘FaLaLa’ sign.


For the Dining room table, I set out the hurricane which was a wedding present on a gold snowflake runner.  I placed my Winterberry dishes on gold chargers and the fun beaded pears were from a decor store downtown that was going out of business.

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  1. So pretty! I love the mixing of the gold and silver elements. I also love the red beaded pears on the winterberry dishes. Two very nice table scapes.

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