Paint Colors

For anyone interested, I am posting the names and codes (if I have them) of the paint colors in our home.


The foyer and the connected hallways and stairwell are all painted Toasty Grey by Glidden, color-matched at Sherwin Williams.

Foyer New Color

Toasty Grey by Glidden (30YY 51/098)

Dining Room

The Dining Room is a west-facing room with two large windows, so I was also not afraid to use a darker color in here.  It is the same color as our living room.  Hands down, the most compliments I received from visitors are about this paint color.

Corral Fence by Glidden (00YY 17/130)

The light tan stripe between the moulding at the top of the walls is Toasty Grey by Glidden.

Living Room

The living room is east-facing with lots of morning sun.  The entire back wall is covered with 4 windows and a half-lite door, so I was not afraid to try a dark color in here.  The compliment I received most from visitors is about this paint color.

 Corral Fence by Glidden (00YY 17/130)



Corral Fence by Glidden (00YY 17/130)

This color is above the cabinets.

Toasty Grey by Glidden (30YY 51/098)

SW Toasty Grey


This color was used on the pantry wall that wraps around into two hallways.

The cabinet color is a color match to Basketry by Behr, using Sherwin Williams ProClassic Semi-Gloss latex paint.

Powder Room

This small half bath is hard to photograph, but Toasty Grey is a very pale tan.

Toasty Grey by Glidden (30YY 51/098)

I have also successfully painted over all of the honey oak builder-grade cabinets in the house.  In the bathrooms, I used Revival Mahogany by Behr in a semi-gloss finish.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom color was one of my hardest decisions.  As a result, I ended up mixing some colors and therefore it isn’t a specific color name.

It started out as Cairo Brown by Ralph Lauren

But I felt like it wasn’t brown enough, so I added a quart of a darker brown we had bought as a tester (can’t remember the name).  Then I felt like it was too dark, so I added a quart of the white base to it.  Silly me.  It turned out to be the nicest pale brown neutral – not too gold or grey or green.  But I have had to disappoint a few people that wanted to know a paint color name.



Master Bathroom/Closet

I originally thought I would paint the bathroom and closet just a shade different than the bedroom, but since I had such a hard time with the bedroom color, I just chose a completely new color for these rooms.

Toast by Ralph Lauren (VM86)

The vanity is painted Revival Mahogany by Behr (760B-7)

Guest Bathroom

Toasty Gray is a very pale tan.

Toasty Grey by Glidden (30YY 51/098)

I sanded and stained the front of this vanity, but the side is painted Revival Mahogany by Behr (760B-7)

Guest Bedroom


After switching rooms with the office, I chose a new paint color for the guest bedroom (a grey with blue-green undertones).  With the walls now grey, I sprayed the furniture glossy white for a higher contrast.  This room is still in progress.

Dusty Miller by Glidden (GLN38)


Ocean Kiss by Behr (510E-3)

When we first moved in, I staged this as my office/craft room.  Ultimately I decided to turn this into a guest bedroom.

The headboard, dressers, side table and chair are all painted Canyon Echo by Glidden (00YY 63/024)

I turned the closet in this room into my mini office.  I painted it two shades lighter than the bedroom walls: Ice Folly by Glidden (510E-1)



After some soul-searching, I came to the conclusion that even though a separate dining room was on our house wishlist, we just didn’t use it except a handful of times since we moved in in 2007.  I asked Bradley if he would like to have his office on the main level, close to the kitchen instead of being tucked upstairs.  He decided to give it a try, and I think it is working out well for us.  I did not repaint, so the wall color is the same.

Corral Fence by Glidden (00YY 17/130)


After switching rooms with the guest bedroom, Bradley and I picked out a more grey-mocha paint color for this room.  This room is still in progress.

 Squirrel by Behr (790D-5)



Bradley does a lot of freelance work, so it was important for us to have a space for him to work from home.  This is the color he chose for his office.

Pepper Spice by Glidden (90YR 18/177)

His favorite color is orange, so in addition to the curtains and accessories we have put together, I painted a few stripes on the wall behind his desk in Bonfire by Behr (270B-7).

Laundry Room

Toasty Grey by Glidden (30YY 51/098)

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