Foyer Decorations


I began hanging my Christmas cards in the foyer this year.


In our new home, I put our tree in the foyer.  It fit the space next to the stairs perfectly.


I did not really change anything in the foyer this year.  I love this one-piece nativity and it fits so perfectly under the large cloche.


In the foyer, not much has changed from last year.  The bone china nativity is still my favorite.  I got it from one of the Christian bookstores when I was in high school.  I did keep the birch slab under the cloche from my fall decorating.  I made the white spiky ball out of large Christmas lights several years ago.  The table lamp was added this past year, and I really like the extra light it gives to the foyer.


In the foyer, I found that my favorite nativity fit perfectly under my cloche.  The light bulb tchotchke that I made a few years ago kept the theme very simple and white.
On the mirror in the foyer, I hung my FaLaLa sign.


I used the leftover garland from the buffet on the entry table in our foyer.  I wired some little gold ornaments into the garland to match the gold taper candles I had in the candlesticks.