Weekend Project: Setting up a Bed for Guests

I finally have my full-size bed for guests in what is now my office/guest room/gym.  I found a mattress set on Craigslist and Bradley was nice enough to drive me to Lithonia to get it.  We got it set up and I put all the new bedding on it.  The set is a little on the short side with the scale of the room, so maybe one of these days I can find a topper to make it a little more substantial.  But the flat rubbermaid tubs holding all of my wrapping supplies fit perfectly under the frame.  The only other thing I was a little concerned with was the fact that the bed is right on top of the vent, but the air channels right out from under there and the room is nice and cool.  Yea!

Now if I can just find/make a really cheap headboard we will be in business.  Also, I don’t know how to decorate the walls anymore since I had to do a function over form layout.  It seems like anything I hang on the wall will make the room look lopsided…hmmm…

The other thing I am on the prowl for now is a cheap but cute chair that I can makeover and get rid of my office desk chair.  Now that the desk is in the closet, the chair is kind of homeless and sticks out like a sore thumb when the “cloffice” is all closed up.

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