New Haircut

I wanted to have my hair done for BIL’s wedding, but since the wedding was on a Sunday, the only salon I could find in Pine Mountain willing to come in on their day off would have charged (understandably) an opening fee.  So to just have my hair done would have been over $100!  Eeek.

The next best thing was to get my hair cut before we left so that it would be fresh and easier to style.  I have been using a picture of Katie Holmes as inspiration whenever I get a cut (she looks to have hair very similar to mine), minus the bangs she was sporting because we decided that I have some cowlicks in front that would make the bangs part funny.  Well, this time we decided to go for it, and I now have bangs for the first time since middle school!  As long as I blow dry back to front to force them to lay flat at the hair line I’m golden.

Everyone had really nice things to say about the cut at the wedding, and the bangs are really growing on me.  I always figured if they bother me, I can grow them out, so no skin off my back.  This picture is from our visit to Callaway Gardens on Monday.  The hair is a little deflated from the humidity, but you can decide for yourself what you think…

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