Weekend Project: Pantry Shelving

When we bought our house, I was delighted by the generous size of the kitchen pantry.  But one thing baffled me: when they were installing the shelving, why did they not take advantage of the full height of the pantry?  There was probably a good 30″ above the top shelf that was wasted.  For two and a half years, I have been balancing things on the top shelf as high as I dared stack them, and I have no excuse for that.  It would be SO easy to just add another shelf!  So Bradley was nice enough to take me to Home Depot to get an extra shelf and the brackets I needed today.  I had that puppy up and reorganized before the Super Bowl even started!

My thought was that I could use the new top shelf for serving pieces and disposable dishes that we rarely use, then corral all of our small appliances that were scattered throughout several cabinets onto the next shelf down – still easy to reach and now I can actually see what all I have.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

I love when everything has a place and none of our cabinets or closets are stuffed and overflowing.


(I was so excited to get the new shelf up that I forgot my before pics!  This is one from Sept. 2007)


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