Weekend Project: Pantry Update

This weekend I was unmotivated to do anything constructive around the house.  But Bradley decided to speak my love language and complete a project for me.  We love our butterfly stainless steel trashcan we got as a wedding gift, but it had to go sideways in our pantry and would move around when we step on the pedal to open it.  We decided to cut out a section from the middle of the bottom shelf and slide the trash can in for easier access.  And since we added another whole shelf to the top of the pantry, we weren’t worried about losing this minimal amount of shelf space in the process.  I had bought a small pair of bolt cutters and an extra bracket so it was as easy as measuring, cutting and leveling the shelf on the new bracket on one side.  I also had some rubber tips leftover from our closet reorganization, so we don’t have to worry about the sharp metal tips on either side of the trash can.  It has been really great not having a roaming can in the pantry.

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