Curtain Update

When we first moved into this house, I tried to get window treatments for every room without breaking the bank.  I ended up with curtains I liked fine, but didn’t love.  In order to work with what I had, I decided to add some fabric to the bottoms of my living room curtains and line them to give them more impact and so that I could hang them high and wide.


I purchased some dark green fabric on clearance and thermal lining from JoAnn’s.  My mom (master seamstress)  flipped the curtains over for me to make them rod pocket instead of tab-top, and took them from 84″ to about 90″ long.

She warned me that they were much heavier now with the lining, so I ended up buying more substantial curtain rods to hold the extra weight.  I raised the rod height and combined two rods to make one long rod across the room.

Now, we can close the curtains on super hot and super cold days to keep our energy costs down.


2 thoughts on “Curtain Update

    1. Leslie Post author

      Thanks Bethany! Monkey see, monkey do. I get all my ideas from catalogs and other bloggers:) I am really enjoying their more hefty look.


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