Vintage Pyrex

Recently, I pinned a picture of a collection of vintage turquoise Pyrex dishes.  I loved the color, the feel, the aspect of collecting.  Why am I on a vintage kick?

While I was at Goodwill yesterday, I happened upon a set of two vintage orange and white Butterprint mixing bowls.  I wasn’t sure if I would keep them if I bought them, but I figured I could at least get my money back out of them if I decided not to.  I researched the pattern/color after I brought them home and found that it is evidently much more rare than the turquoise color.

An auction site gave some helpful information on the set:

  • Pattern:  Butterprint
  • Identifiers / Alternate Names:  Country “Amish” Farming scene featuring farmer and wife holding a bushel of crops. Surrounding them are crops in the field, wheat sheaves tied together, roosters and corn plants.
  • Turquoise on White and the reverse color scheme is the most common, with other possibilities being and orange-yellow on white and a pink on white color scheme.
  • Also known as: Amish, Farmer & Wife, Buttercup, Rooster & Corn 
  • Years Manufactured:  1957 – ?
  • Orange Butterprint patterns appear only on Cinderella Mixing Bowls.
  • Unlike the Turquoise Cinderella ones, the color scheme does not alternate normal and reversed among the bowls.
  • There are 4 Cinderella Mixing bowl sizes and all of them are orange on white in color. (Some people may call it yellow or yellow-gold instead of orange.)

Update:  I decided to list the set for $60 plus shipping on Etsy.  My thought was that I would be willing to let them go for that price and if they didn’t sell, I would just keep them.  Two hours (!) after listing them, they had sold to a woman in Denver.  I happily packaged them up and shipped them out with a nice little profit to pocket!

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Pyrex

  1. Susie

    Is that your own collection of vintage turquoise ? I have only recently discovered the beauty of vintage turquoise pyrex and would love even one small bowl. It is so beautiful and I am in awe

    1. Leslie Post author

      That is not my collection – I too admire it a great deal. If you click on the image, I have it linked to the original source (her Flickr name is *Pyrex*Pixie* – so cute!)


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