Crystal Lamps

About 8 months ago, I came across some glass column table lamps from Restoration Hardware and thought they were perfect for our living room.  Our current lamps are from our Target wedding registry and I didn’t like the scale of them after I got my new side tables last year.  The RH lamps are a grand 36″ tall.  Unfortunately, they are over $300 each once you buy the shades.  Way too rich for my blood.

As I looked for possible alternatives, my second favorite find was a Kathy Ireland crystal lamp.  But at $200 per lamp, it still more than I would want to spend.  This lamp is 30″ tall, still 5″ taller than my current lamps.

While I was at Tuesday morning over the weekend, I happened across a lamp that was almost identical to the Kathy Ireland crystal lamp.  It was $69.99, but I noticed that it had a yellow sticker on it, meaning that it was 25% off.  I looked down the aisle and saw a second one, also marked with a yellow sticker!  So I ended up with two lamps for just over $100, 1/6 of the price of my favorite lamps and 1/4 of the price of the almost identical crystal lamps that were my second favorite choice.

I love the way they look in the room.  And I love the way they look with the side tables.  Overall, their footprint on the tables is smaller than the old lamps (because of less wide shades), which is nice because we can better use the table space.  I also like that the metal on the lamps is just accents, instead of the entire base.  I feel like they look more grown up, just like when I changed out the end tables last year.

For reference, here are the tables with the old lamps:

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