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I’ve got all things yard on my mind lately due to the vision and wonderful new plants my mom has been transplanting to our yard.  My sweet grandmother wanted to give us a housewarming gift, so I am putting it towards a Pullerbear tree and root puller, as well as new plants.  Because before we can add beauty to the yard, we will need to first pull out the ugly and invasive.  That includes, but isn’t limited to privet, nandina, sweet gums, and english ivy.

I started clearing and replanting the shrub bed at the front porch a couple of months ago, but have more to do this fall.  One plant I’m hoping to use in front of the Daphnes is Red Drift Roses.  Red Drift is a creeping shrub that will add a pop of color when it is in bloom.

Lastly, as I was walking in our neighborhood, I came across a driveway made of intricate pavers with pea gravel filler.  My mouth dropped open and I pulled out my phone to snap a picture.  I am dreaming of one day having our concrete driveway removed and installing these Turfstone pavers from street to garage.  I can’t even imagine how much it would cost.

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