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The process has been long and tedious, but I finally have all of our kitchen cabinets painted and reinstalled with new hardware.  The painting process went smoothly with no hiccups, but my new additions were full of disappointments.  In an effort to not have to patch holes and re-drill for new hardware, I made sure to order hardware that would fit the width of the existing holes.

That worked fine for the knobs, but the new pulls came up much higher above the screws than the old ones, so they hung partially above the top of the drawer.  So I ordered new, more modern looking pulls.  Even though I have always liked this look, I wasn’t sure how well they would fit in with the style of our kitchen.

They have grown on me now that I can see them all on.  Of course the person that originally drilled the holes was a little crooked on one of the drawers, which wasn’t obvious on the old pull, but totally wonky-looking with the new.  I didn’t have much wiggle room, but I drilled down a little on one side to help level it out without showing any of the hole.

The only other big issue I have had was installing tip-out trays to the faux drawers under the sink.  I think ideally you would install these during construction, before the sink is installed.  Because it is like trying to herd cats to screw in hinges through a tiny slit between the drawer panel and the underside of a sink.  Much less do it level.  I finally got it installed only to find out that I had placed the screws for the tray too high.  Once the tray was installed it hit the sink and wouldn’t completely close.  Trying to get the screws lowered to the exact height for the tray to clear the cabinet frame underneath and the sink above without being able to see or drill pilot holes was a nightmare.

Live and learn on the first one, and do the second one right.  It went in SO much easier than the first.  I’m not gonna lie and say I wasn’t cursing myself at the time for removing the faux drawer panels in the first place rather than just painting them as is.  Now that it’s finished it is worth it though.  No more sponges in the sink.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to add pulls to these panels.  I bought two extras in case.

I will post pictures of the completed project soon (once I get everything cleaned up).  The only thing left is figuring out what to do with the wires sticking out of the wall above the sink.  I haven’t found a light fixture that would work there yet, so I may just need to cover them for now since we don’t have to have a light there to be able to see.

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