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My mom took me to a Wildlife Management area last week called The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain.  It has an incredible amount of native wildflowers.  The first half of the Pocket has a flat boardwalk weaving through the foliage.  There are flowers as far as the eye can see up the mountain side.  The second half of the Pocket is an easy hike up to a waterfall.

It is impossible to do justice to this beautiful scene by description or even by picture.  The layers and texture of the terrain can only be fully appreciated in person.  Never-the-less, I took some pictures and thought I would share.

The PocketFlowers as far as you can see up the mountainside.

Pocket Bent White TrilliumTrillium flexipedes
(hard to tell from the photo, but these were the size of large dinner plates)

Pocket Dutchmans BeechesMoss-covered rocks with Bishop’s Cap

There were so many beautiful rocks along the trail, that now I am longing for something similar in my own yard.

Pocket Jack in the PulpitJack-in-the-pulpit

Pocket Purple PhaceliaPurple Phacelia and Christmas ferns

Pocket SilverbellCarolina Silverbell

My mom put one of these just outside our fence so that it can dangle these beautiful dainty blooms over the back yard.

Pocket TiarellaTiarella

I have one of these, also called foam flower, in my yard now thanks to my mom.

Pocket Trailing TrilliumTrailing Trillium

Pocket Woodland StonecropWoodland Stonecrop

Pocket ColumbineEastern Columbine and Purple Phacelia

Pocket WaterfallThe waterfall at the end of the trail

Other wildflowers that were blooming while we were there, but that I did not get good pictures of were blue phlox, wood poppies, blue cohosh,White Baneberry (Doll’s Eyes), False Soloman’s Seal, and Virginia Bluebells.  I found this site helpful when looking up the Pocket and the flowers that are there.  The drive from our house is about two hours, but I’m already desiring to visit again soon.

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  1. Good pictures. Hope it inspires others to visit the Pocket and learn to love those natives. The native plant sale is at McFarland Park on Sope Creek this Saturday from 10-2. Address 280 Farm Road, SE Marietta-real close to you.

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