New Project: Tackling the Garage

I am always working on about 10 things around the house at once, but my newest pet project is patching, sanding and painting the garage.  Then we can get it organized!

When we moved in we found that both of our cars are too long to fit on the left side of the garage because of the air conditioning unit and water heater being in the way.  Grrrr…  We had no idea when we looked at the house because the previous owners had way too many kids for the house, so the garage was stuffed with a lot of crap, not cars.  They had some great cabinets on the right side of the garage, but it made it difficult for me to get to the passenger side of my car when I started parking there.  So, we took down the cabinets and sold the larger unit on Craigslist, keeping only the smaller two-door cabinet.

Since then, I have been working on patching and sanding the ungodly amount of holes that consume the walls in the garage.  I seriously can not figure out why there are so many holes, and why some are in the places they are.

I found a “mistinted” gray satin paint at Wal-mart on clearance for $5.97 that will work just fine in a garage.  I will also be painting the ceiling, since it is just raw sheetrock like the walls.  Once the walls are smooth, primed and painted, I plan to put the cabinet back up on the left side as close to the back wall as I can.  So stay tuned for updates on the garage, hopefully I can get it finished soon…we’ll see…

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