Weekend Project: Painting the Garage

The garage is half painted!  We finished puttying, sanding, and priming a couple of weeks ago and now I am finally getting to the painting.  I am really happy with the color.  The walls still have some issues, but since it is just the garage, I am not so worried about it.  Here are my progress pictures:


Puttied, sanded and primed


Painted! (partially)


We also went to Pike Nursery and decided on a tree we would like to plant in the front yard:

I love Magnolias.  They are so ‘southern’.  But traditional magnolias are BIG, which our yard is not.  The Little Gem is a small variety that will only be 20’T x 12’W, a perfect size for us.  I think they are maybe new to the market, so they are quite expensive.  I have my mom keeping an eye out for a deal.

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